Daily Specials

For Breakfast * only until 11am*

SUNDANCE KITCHEN & CANTINAMorning Specials1. Bacon, egg, and cheese on Roll Small Coffee- $5 cash 2. Home Made Muffin Small Coffee- $3 Cash3. Mexican Special: Chorizo, egg, jack cheese, Home fries, and jalapenos on Roll Small Coffee- $7 Cash4. Morning Lox Toasted Bagel Special: Smoked salmon, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onions Small Coffee- $10 Cash5. Healthy Breakfast Combo: Egg whites, turkey bacon, spinach, and Swiss cheese on Whole wheat wrap Fresh Squeezed juice- $12 Cash6. Any Omelet w/ Home fries and toast Small Coffee- $10 Cash7. Create Your Own Omelet w/ Home fr... Read More

For Lunch

SUNDANCE KITCHEN & CANTINASaturday, June 19th 1. Pollo en Salsa de Guajillo over rice & beans Sm8.95 Lg10.952. Costillas de Puerco en Salsa de Guajes over rice & beans Sm8.95 Lg10.953. Chiles Rellenos over rice & beans ONE SIZE 10.954. Bistec en Salsa Verde over rice & beans Sm8.95 Lg10.955. Pancita Sm6.95 Lg10.956. Pozole Sm6.95 Lg10.957. Arroz con Leche Sm2.00 Lg3.00Pasta of the Day: Penne ala Vodka w/ garlic bread on the side Sm7.95 Lg9.95 Tamales: 3.00BIRRIA QUEADILLA: Side of rice, beans, salsa, and consommé 12.95MOJADO Burrito: Chicken, Steak, Pork 0R Veggie with che... Read More

For Dinner *After 4pm

1. Land and SeaMarinated skirt steak, sauteed shrimp in garlic gravy sauce, melted mozzarella with your choice of two sides– 25.952. SalmonGrilled salmon with spinach and your choice of two sides– 18.953. Ribeye SteakRibeye steak with salsa ranchera, avocado and your choice of two sides – 18.954. ChurrascoGrilled chimichurri steak with your choice of two sides – 18.955. Shrimp3 styles; ala Diabla, al Mojo de Ajo, or a la Mexicana, with your choice of two sides – 16.956. Grilled Chicken BreastGrilled chicken breast with your choice of two sides – 14.957. PernilShredded pork with your choice of ... Read More
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