Daily Specials

For Lunch

Friday, July 19th
1. Chicken roll & asparagus over rice Sm 7.95 Lg9.95
2. Churrasco over mashed potato & grilled asparagus Sm9.95 Lg12.95
3. Meatball Parm over pasta Sm8.95 Lg10.95
4. Pulled pork over rice and veggies Sm7.95 Lg9.95
5. Pernil over Rice, beans and maduros Sm8.95 Lg10.95
Pasta of the Day: Penne carbonara Sm7.95 Lg9.95

AL PACCINO Hot Italian peppers, grilled prosciutto, melted provolone cheese on garlic Panini. 10.95
M.B.P. Meatballs, marinara, melted mozzarella cheese. Roll7.95 Wedge 9.95
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