Daily Specials

For Lunch

Monday, February 18th
For lunch only!
1. Gangster parm over rice & veggies Sm7.95 Lg9.95
2. Meatloaf over mashed potatoes & veggies Sm7.95 Lg9.95
3. Grilled shrimp over rice & veggies ONE SIZE 10.95
4. Pork en salsa ranchera over rice & beans Sm7.95 Lg9.95
5. Grilled skirt steak over mashed potatoes & veggies Sm9.95 Lg11.95
6. Pernil over rice & beans Sm7.95 Lg9.95

Pasta of the day- Penne Carbonara Sm7.50 Lg9.50
Soup of the day- Chicken noodle soup 4.95

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